Home   ímJian-I Pan , Ph.D.ínDepartment Chair - Associate professor
Introduction Specialty: Software engineering, Software agent technologies, Intelligent healthcare systems
Research Lab : H503, Software Engineering and Intelligent Healthcare Systems Lab (H514)
Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2376
E-mail : jipan@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://seweb.tcu.edu.tw/
ím Hsi-Jian Lee, Ph.D. ín Professor
Specialty: Imaging processing, Pattern recognition, Natural language processing, Artificial intelligent
Research Lab : H701-2, Imaging Processing Lab (H507)
phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2372/1003
E-mail : hjlee@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://www.hjlee.tcu.edu.tw/
ím Rey-Long Liu , Ph.D. ín Professor
Specialty:Information Retrieval, Intelligent Software Agents, Data Mining, Machine Learning, e-Learning
Research Lab : H702-2, Internet Medical Information Service Lab (H807)
phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2370
E-mail : rlliutcu@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://www.rlliu.tcu.edu.tw/
    ím Shien-Young Chang, Ph.D. ín Associate professor
  Specialty: Medical Informatics, Clinical Diagnostic Support System, Healthcare Information System, Knowledge Engineering
  Research Lab : H503-1, Point Of Care Lab (H514)
  phone : 886-3-8561825 ext.2374
  E-mail : sychang@mail.tcu.edu.tw
  URL: http://www.sychang.tcu.edu.tw
ímJen-Liang Cheng , Ph.D. ín Associate professor
Specialty: Computer Architecture, Digital System Design, Pervasive Computing
Research Lab : H501-1, TeleCare LAB (H805)
phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2378
E-mail : tomcheng@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://www.jlc.tcu.edu.tw/
ím Hong-Chun Hsu , Ph.D. ín Associate professor
Specialty: Computational Theory,Algorithms,Interconnection Network,Multimedia
Research Lab :H802,Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Multimedia Application (H707)
phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2386
E-mail : hchsu@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://www.bm.tcu.edu.tw/
ím Tsu-Wang (David) Shen, Ph.D. ín Associate professor
Specialty: Bio-signal processing, Biomedical engineering, Biometrics, Artificial Neural Networks, Biostatistics, Artificial intelligent
Research Lab : H702-4, BioM3 LAb (H706)
phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2382
E-mail : tshen@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://www.biom3.tcu.edu.tw/
ím ChiaHung Hsiao, Ph.D. ín Associate professor
Specialty: DICOM standard, Digital Signature & Information Security, E-learning, Neural Network
Research Lab :H703-3, Laboratory of medical content management (H707)
phone : 886-8565301 ext.2392
E-mail : chhsiao@mail.tcu.edu.tw
ím Jacky Lee , Ph.D. ínAssociate professor
ž§ĄĐ║Í Specialty: Cryptography, Medical information security, Wireless network, Algorithmic graph theory, Database and data engineering
Research Lab : H701-3, Laboratory of Network Communications and Medical Information Security(H706)
Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2403
E-mail : jackytflee@mail.tcu.edu.tw
ím Liang-Tsung Huang , Ph.D. ínAssociate professor
Specialty: Computational Biology,Biological Data Mining,Machining Learning,Protein Analysis,Microarray Analysis
Research Lab : H701-4,Laboratory of Computational Biology & Data Mining H(703)
phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2394
E-mail : lth@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://lth.tcu.edu.tw
ímK-C Chen , Ph.D. ín Associate professor
Specialty: Bioinformatics, Biomedical Statistics
Research Lab : H702-3, Analysis and Model Construction in Biomedical Informatics(H704)
phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2390
E-mail : chichen6@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://www.chichen6.tcu.edu.tw
  ím Wen-Cheng Lin , Ph.D. ín Assistant professor
  Specialty: Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Extraction, Cross-Language Cross-Media Information Retrieval
  Research Lab : H804, Language Technology Laboratory (H807)
  phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2384
  E-mail : chhsiao@mail.tcu.edu.tw
  URL: http://www.wclin.tcu.edu.tw/
  ím SF Huang , Ph.D. ín Assistant professor
Specialty: Medical Image Processing,Database
Research Lab : H703-2,Laboratory of Computer-Aided Dlagnosis in Medical Imaging (705-1)
phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2388
E-mail : SFHuang@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://www.hsf.tcu.edu.tw
  ím Jin-Long Chen , Ph.D. ín Assistant professor
  Specialty: Biomedical signal analysis, Clinical medicine
  Research Lab : H703-4, Laboratory of Measurement and Analysis in Medical and Physiological Signals (H702)
  Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2397
  E-mail : jlchen@mail.tcu.edu.tw
Department of Medical Informatics, Tzu Chi University, No.701, Sec. 3, Jhongyang Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 97004, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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